Colts First Contract

By accepting a place on a Colts U13 or U14 team you are expected to put Colts First. This means making a serious commitment to the team and understanding you may have displaced another player who would have valued the opportunity to play. Known or potential regular conflicts should be discussed prior to accepting a place on the team. The following are the responsibilities and expectations of a rostered player. Players and parents will be asked to acknowledge this understanding by signing an agreement when accepting placement on a U13 or U14 team.

  • Player is expected to attend team practices and games with minimal conflicts. Repeated conflicts may result in the loss of game playing time and in extreme cases possible forfeiture of the player's place on the team.
  • Player is responsible for arriving to games and practices on time and ready to play.
  • Player is expected to play in the Labor Day Cumberland Tournament, Soccer Maine's six league games, the Fall Classic Tournament and State Playoff games.
  • Player is encouraged to participate in the following team building Colts activities: Maine Children's Cancer Walk, working the 4v4 to benefit Safe Passage and team "friendly" games.
  • If unable to attend a practice or game, advance notice is requested and appreciated.