Soccer Coaching Courses in Yarmouth

Yarmouth is happy to announce that we are a host site for the 2020 Grassroots Licensing courses, offered by Soccer Maine. The dates are TBD, and are geared for you to select the age group that you coach. You may choose to take one, or more, it is entirely up to you. Each course is $75.

Steps to Register:

  1.  Go To Digital Coaching Center:
  2.  Create Profile
  3.  Take "Introduction to Grassroots"  - 20 Minute online video.
    NOTE: Coaches will not be able to register without this prerequisite
  4.  Find course - "Host" Tab is Soccer Maine, locate Yarmouth site
  5.  Register - NOTE: All monies and credit card payments are processed by US Soccer.

Each course is $75

We truly appreciate our volunteer coaches. You are welcome to submit for reimbursement for the course, or you can chose to pay for it yourself, which is also appreciated. As we all adapt to the new licensure requirements and courses, Yarmouth Colts will aim to have coach licensing mandated next year. Our hope this year, would be that at least one coach is licensed per team.