Practice times and fields will be coordinated by the Field Scheduler, Matt Owen prior to the start of the season (usually mid August). Coaches will be contacted regarding preferred practice times.

U9-U12 teams typically hold 2 practices per week.

U13-U14 teams are somewhat beholden to the middle school soccer team's schedule.

U13-U14 Coaches are encouraged to contact the middle school soccer coach to coordinate practices and to make an effort not to overload players that are playing on both Colts and school teams.

In very bad or wet weather, Yarmouth Community Services may prohibit use of the fields. This will be communicated in an email to all coaches by the director of coaching. If you don't receive an email, use your own discretion to decide whether or not to hold practice.

Important: The most important factor in deciding whether or not to practice is the children's safety.