Safe Passage 4v4 Soccer Blast - Rules


There are many variations on the 4v4 game, but they all emphasize short, accurate passing, ball skills in tight quarters, lots of off the ball movement and quick transition, all key elements to success on the larger pitch.

This year's Soccer Blast will feature the traditional 4v4 game, with pug goals, no goalies, on a field 25 yards wide and 35 yards long. Each game will be 25 minutes long, running time. See the Rules below.

The format for ALL DIVISIONS will be a non-results, round robin. Each team will be guaranteed three games.

Please be aware that this is the first refereeing experience for our refs! They are typically U14 boys and girls interested in refereeing and trying it for the first time. As this tournament is non-competitive and all for fun, please do not argue with the refs but instead view questionable calls as teachable moments. We appreciate your understanding!

FIFA and US Youth Soccer Association rules of the game apply with the following modifications:

  1. The Field of play will be approximately 25 yards wide and 35 yards long. Pug goals will be used.
  2. 4 players per side.
  3. No goalies. Pug goals will be protected by a no-entry, semi-circle.
  4. If the ball enters the semi-circle and is touched by a defensive player, then a goal will be awarded. If an offensive player touches it inside the semi-circle, a goal kick is awarded.
  5. Unlimited, rolling substitutions. Players exit and enter at midfield.
  6. Game time will be 25 minutes, running time. Each team will be guaranteed 3 games.
  7. Cones are considered "in."
  8. NO offsides.
  9. NO throw-ins. Kick-ins only. Goals may not be scored directly off a kick-in.
  10. Direct kicks are unobstructed kicks at the goal, but must be taken no less than 15 yards from the goal. If a direct kick foul occurs within 15 yards of the goal, then the referee will move the ball back until the kick is 15 yards away from the goal.
  11. A kickoff may move forward or backward. A goal may be scored off a kickoff.
  12. The defense must allow a 5 yard cushion on all indirect kicks, corner kicks and kick-ins.
  13. All ties stand. This is a non-results, round-robin event for all divisions.
  14. Red cards result in automatic suspension for 1 game. The Tournament Director has the right to increase the penalty for severe fouls.
  15. Each game will be officiated by 1 referee.
  16. After a goal is scored, the other team starts play at the center of the field on the whistle.
  17. A horn will sound at the end of each game.

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