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Yarmouth Colts uses an online ordering system hosted by Atlantic Sportswear. The web store will be available from April 5th until June 5th through the link below. Uniform orders will be shipped to you directly. You can expect to receive them in late July/early-August.

U9 and U10 You do NOT need to order a uniform. Colts will provide a uniform shirt, which your coach will hand out to the players at the start of the season. If interested, you can purchase optional shorts/socks with Atlantic Sportswear.
U11 and U12 Purchase player uniforms (jersey, shorts, and socks) here. U12s only need to order if the previous year's uniform no longer fits. Typically players are able to get 2 years out of a uniform. Please take a look at last year’s jersey to make sure it still fits and looks ready to handle another year! Please NO borrowing of sibling’s or friend’s uniforms due to jersey numbers and registration.
U13 and U14 If needed, purchase player uniforms (jersey, shorts, and socks) below.

You can also order OPTIONAL ITEMS on Atlantic’s web store such as warm up jackets, pants, and hats. If you would like any of the optional items, please order them at the same time as your required uniform top, shorts, socks and t-shirt.
All uniforms will be shipped directly to your house in late July or early August. The shipping and handling fee is added to your order by Atlantic Sportswear.

ORDER ALL uniform items that you need for the Fall 2017 season by June 5, 2017. All orders placed after June 5th will be considered “Special Orders”. The cost of the uniform may increase and item availability is not guaranteed. If orders are not placed on time, we cannot guarantee your child will have a uniform in time for the start of the season which could jeopardize their ability to play. Please remember to size up as needed for your player since soccer season is still several months away.

If you have specific questions about your uniform once you receive it, or the ordering process, you will want to contact Atlantic Sportswear directly. Our contact is Rebecca Veilleux rebecca@atlanticsportswear.com or 207-797-5028 Email is preferable! Any other questions? Contact Chelsy Gilroy at chelsy@maine.rr.com.

We will also be adding a Spirit Store shortly. Stay tuned!


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